Research: Severe duvets alleviate sleep disorders and anxiety

Heavy duvets (weighted blanket) can significantly alleviate sleep disturbances and mental health problems, researchers have found.

This does not mean the normal thicker blankets or down blankets, which have been sucked in with literal sweat and thus weigh a little more (can I!). But so-called weight blankets. Ceilings into which weights are sewn in.

Healing as a hug with Mageblanket


In the therapeutic field, people have known for some time about the benefits of physical pressure. weighted blanket sale cyber monday. The method called “Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation” (DPTS) and the weight blankets treat children with sensory disorders, anxiety disorders or autism, among other things.

Child psychologist Dr Karen Moore reports:

“In our treatments, weight blankets are one of the most important tools to help people who have serious anxiety or mood swings or feel at the mercy of being at the mercy of no control.”

A massage similar has pressure on the body positive physiological and psychological effects. weighted blanket sale cyber monday . Dr Temple Grandin, herself an autistic woman and the world’s most important specialist in animal welfare, says:

“Deep touch pressure is the kind of pressure we experience in most types of loving physical communication. For example, when we “press ourselves”, hold ourselves, caress, cuddle with the pet. Psychologists have found that a very light touch alerts the nervous system, while deeper pressure relaxes and calms.”

The heavy blankets lie around the body like a warm hug. The pressure relaxes the nervous system – without the side effects of pills. weighted blanket 12 lbs twin. The production of Serotonin is stimulated, which brightens the mood. And over time, serotonin converts into melatonin, causing the body to sleep.

In addition to anxiety and sleep disorders, depression, bipolar disorder are also associated with too low serotonin levels and can be improved by pressure.

A 2018 study, published in the journal Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, showed that weight blankets are a safe and effective way to relieve anxiety in patients. cheap weighted blanket 15 pounds. These findings were confirmed in a 2019 study published in the journal Australasian Psychiatry, which also found that stress can generally be relieved by this therapy. Patients with autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Restless Leg Syndrome or Tourette also report that they are receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, more and more psychiatric, geriatric and pediatric ward hospitals are using blankets to naturally provide patients with a deep, restful sleep.

These effects can also be used (almost) by any of us if we want to sleep more restfully and go through life less stressed and anxious.

Where to buy such weighted blankets?

Weight blankets are filled with small plastic balls that are sewn into different areas scattered across the ceiling – so that the weight does not focus on a small part like a bowling ball.

The weight of the ceilings depends on the height and your own preferences. where can I buy weighted blanket online. As a rule, they weigh between seven and 15 kilos for adults.

Therapedic® 6 lb. Kids Weighted Blanket with Elephant Plush Toy in Grey

Consultation with the doctor is always recommended. Under no circumstances are the blankets used in patients with circulatory or respiratory or body temperature regulation problems as well as after surgery. And I personally wouldn’t put a 15-kilo blanket on a baby.

Well Being Soft Weighted Blanket (20lbs, 60″x80″, Queen Size), Gray

Although the blankets in the German-speaking countries seem to be even less common than in the English-speaking, you can also find different providers in this country on Google and Amazon.

Note: If you find such a blanket too stupid or too expensive, you can hire me, I’ll just lie down on it at night, preferably if you’re an attractive woman.

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